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Bioscience for sustainable agriculture and food

Category: Standard Studentships

Investigating the role and effect of microbiome in regenerative farming practices

Project No. 2259


Primary Supervisor

Dr Anastasios Tsaousis- University of Kent


Dr Marc Dumont- University of Southampton

Dr Gary Robinson – University of Kent

Dr Rob Barker – University of Kent


This project to explore the pivotal role and potential effects of the microbiome in regenerative farming practices, a crucial area for advancing sustainable agriculture.

Recognising the microbiome’s essential functions in soil health, plant growth, and ecosystem resilience, this study seeks to elucidate the intricate relationships between microbial communities and regenerative agriculture practices. Through a combination of field experiments and cutting-edge microbial analysis, the student will investigate how practices such as biochar supplementation, blank soldier fly larvae decomposition, manure supplementation and inputs influence the composition and functionality of soil and plant-associated microbiomes. By identifying specific microbial taxa and metabolic functions that are promoted by regenerative practices, this research will provide insights into the mechanisms through which microbiomes can enhance soil fertility, crop productivity, and environmental sustainability. The findings are expected to offer valuable guidelines for optimising regenerative farming practices to support both agricultural productivity and ecosystem health.